Deep Dive into Building a REST API The Correct Way

Marcus Lind in Web
Feb. 9, 20198 min read

RESTful API's are one of the main design patterns that you choose between when you're setting up a new API for your application. The term gets thrown around a lot, and unfortunately many API's ends up becoming some kind of …

Deep Dive into Python Mixins and Multiple Inheritance

Marcus Lind in Python
Feb. 7, 20196 min read

In my opinion, Mixins is one of the most powerful, and useful features introduced in object-oriented python programming. It allows you to compose your classes in unique and reusable ways that simplify your code and in turn also helps you …

How to Change Name of Django Application

Marcus Lind in Python Django
Jan. 31, 20197 min read

Updating the name of an existing Django App is easier said than done. After you've renamed your folder name you will instantly be met with errors and different issues that result from dependencies to the old app name.

Many times …

How to Squash and Merge Django Migrations

Marcus Lind in Python Django
Jan. 30, 20196 min read

Django Migrations are one of the main features that keep me coming back to Django for most of the projects I work on. Being able to simply define the database model in python, and then sync it with the database …

How to Render Markdown Syntax as HTML Using Python

Marcus Lind in Python
Jan. 29, 20197 min read

Storing user-created articles in your database as Markdown Syntax instead of the final rendered HTML solves so many problems. It's not only more secure and helps you prevent XSS injections into your content, but it also makes it much more …

Write Unit Tests with Python's unittest Module

Marcus Lind in Python
Jan. 28, 201911 min read

Writing great unit tests is one of the things that I've discovered throughout my career to have the single most impact on the quality of code that I produce as a software engineer.

Obviously, there are other things such as …