Generate Python Unit Test & Flake8 Reports for JUnit

Marcus Lind in Python DevOps
Aug. 2, 20193 min read

One of the core parts of your Continuous Integration Pipeline (CI) is often to generate reports that detail the status of unit tests, their coverage and reports covering the static analysis of the codebase.

Usually, CI/CD Pipeline tools such as …

How to Optimize Docker Images for Smaller Size?

Marcus Lind in DevOps Docker
July 31, 20198 min read

Getting your docker image built and running is a great achievement by itself, but the world of Docker does not simply stop there. There are still plenty of useful things to learn and dig your teeth into when it comes …

Prepare for the Software Engineering Phone Interview

Marcus Lind in Career
March 9, 20197 min read

These days, many of the large tech companies that people are aspiring to work for, are following a very similar recruitment process that is split up into multiple steps that slowly filter down the applicants to a few final ones. …