Python Tips and Tricks for Path and URL Parsing

Marcus Lind in Python
March 2, 20197 min read

Parsing file paths, web addresses or file names is something that we have to come back to over and over again in different situations. It could be that you want to validate the file extension of a file name, or …

Prevent Terraform from Recreating or Deleting Resource

Marcus Lind in DevOps
Feb. 24, 20194 min read

Believe it or not, during the past few months I've managed to delete the database of this website not just once but twice (almost three!). Imagine that, how can someone be so clumsy to delete their whole database?!

Well, at …

Deep Dive into Building a REST API The Correct Way

Marcus Lind in Web
Feb. 9, 20198 min read

RESTful API's are one of the main design patterns that you choose between when you're setting up a new API for your application. The term gets thrown around a lot, and unfortunately many API's ends up becoming some kind of …