How to Split and Organize Terraform Code Into Modules

Marcus Lind in DevOps
Jan. 24, 20196 min read

Terraform is one of my favorite tools that I picked up last year and part of why I like it is the ability to organize your infrastructure as code into readable, logical chunks of digestible code that any developer can …

How to replicate PostgreSQL Database as Master/Slave

Marcus Lind in DevOps
Jan. 17, 20198 min read

Most websites out there perform fine by simply having a web server instance and a database server instance, but if you are one of the lucky few who manage to get real traction to your business and start attracting serious …

How to Automatically Backup Postgres to S3 and Cloud

Marcus Lind in DevOps
Jan. 16, 20194 min read

Many modern cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure offer managed database instances that makes it much easier to properly provision and run a database. They can help you with scaling, high availability fallbacks and backups.

Unfortunately …

How to start a Django Project with Docker

Jan. 16, 20198 min read

How do you setup a new Django project with Docker while following the best practices and making sure that your local development environment stay as close as possible to your production environment?

In this article I share step by step …