Prepare for the Software Engineering Phone Interview

Marcus Lind in Career
March 9, 20197 min read

These days, many of the large tech companies that people are aspiring to work for, are following a very similar recruitment process that is split up into multiple steps that slowly filter down the applicants to a few final ones. …

7 things to know as a Senior Software Engineer

Marcus Lind in Career
Jan. 17, 201910 min read

Are you looking for how you can take the next step in your career and move on to become a senior software engineer? This year I celebrate my 10th year of professional software engineering experience and during this long journey …

How to Prepare for the TopTal Interview and Application

Marcus Lind in Career
Jan. 16, 20198 min read

In the spring of 2018 I was working as a senior software engineer at a medium sized technology company in Bangkok, Thailand. I didn't really like it much, I was working there because I was taking a break from entrepreneurship …